[openstack-dev] [Openstack] Rescinding the M name decision

Tim Bell Tim.Bell at cern.ch
Thu Jul 9 19:18:37 UTC 2015

Feel free to give input on the Mitaka proposal.


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> > On 07/09/2015 09:19 AM, Neil Jerram wrote:
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> >> Mita was #1 in the vote, so has presumably already been ruled out by
> >> OpenStack's legal review.
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> > That is correct.
> Hi everyone,
> I’ve really loved seeing everyone’s understanding and engagement on this
> thread as we worked through the release cycle naming for ‘M’. This was the
> first attempt to follow a new process, so not surprisingly, we found some
> improvements in the algorithm for the future. Still it’s awesome to see how
> constructive and positive the whole conversation has been.
> I wanted to provide a quick update on the status of the Foundation’s
> reviews of the names. First, as Russell mentioned above, after the voting
> was completed, we asked our trademark counsel to do checks on the top 3
> names. The first two both had significant trademark issues with existing
> trademark holders in the same space that would have prevented us from
> using the names in most jurisdictions where we have our largest
> communities (US, Europe and Asia). The 3rd choice was relatively low risk
> and so we passed word back to Monty who announced it. Once we realized
> there were other issues with Meiji, we asked for an expedited check of the
> next 3 names: Mitaka, Musashi, and Meguro. The preliminary check shows
> that Mitaka and Meguro both present an acceptable level of risk, while
> Musashi is higher on the risk scale and would probably create problems for
> usage.
> At this time, we’re going to do a deeper check on Mitaka, which was the #4
> candidate in voting and would be next in line after Meiji. I know Itoh-san
> mentioned the Mitaka locale has the potential to be associated with certain
> corporations in Japan, but my personal feeling is that may not be significant
> enough to override it’s position in the voting and it’s availability for use.
> I’d encourage anyone with other concerns about Mitaka to post those
> within the next 24 hours so we can appropriately consider and discuss
> them. We should have results on the deeper trademark check by next week
> as well and can hopefully settle on a final name.
> Thanks again for all the discussion and participation and especially to
> Monty who’s been on the front lines of helping us navigate this. Feel free to
> let me know if you have any other questions,
> Jonathan
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