[openstack-dev] [testing] moving testrepository *outside* the tox venv

Robert Collins robertc at robertcollins.net
Wed Jul 8 22:37:17 UTC 2015

I don't remember if this has previously been discussed, but as our
Python3 readiness increases folk are going to feel pain from testr due
to a silly Python 2/3 incompatibility around dbm files.


OpenStack (alone in the universe as far as I can tell) installs
testrepository *inside* a tox venv. This then causes the timing
database to be Python version specific. It also causes the test venv
to suck in any dependencies testr might add.

But testrepository is like tox- its meant to be installed systemwide
(or at least in its own venv) and then just used to *run* test runners
within whatever context.

So - I'm looking to:

A) have a discussion and identify any issues with moving testr out of
the venvs. (Note: this doesn't mean stop using it, just removing it
from test-requirements.txt, in the same way that tox isn't in
B) Capture that in a spec if its non-trivial.
C) find volunteers to make it happen.


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