[openstack-dev] App Catalog IRC meeting minutes - 7/2/2015

Christopher Aedo doc at aedo.net
Mon Jul 6 20:25:25 UTC 2015

Thanks as always to those of you joining in the conversation regarding
the App Catalog.  We are working on building a Horizon plugin right
now which will allow operators to include a browsable/searchable pane
of catalog contents (fetched from http://apps.openstack.org, or your
own local version of the App Catalog.)  In order to support that
quickly, I'm also working on extending the catalog to support
additional asset types [1].

If you're interested in helping this work from the Horizon team please
join us here on the mailing list or on IRC.  In fact, same goes for
any other project interested in promoting their "things that run on

Please join us on #openstack-app-catalog during the week, or next
Thursday for our next weekly meeting!

[1]: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/app-catalog/+spec/expand-asset-types

#openstack-meeting-3: app-catalog

Meeting started by docaedo at 17:01:05 UTC.  The full logs are available
Meeting summary
* rollcall  (docaedo, 17:01:17)
* Single YAML file switch status update (docaedo)  (docaedo, 17:02:35)
* Horizon panel status update (kfox1111)  (docaedo, 17:07:05)
* Stale URL checker (gosha)  (docaedo, 17:27:48)
* Heat template env (kfox1111)  (docaedo, 17:29:57)
* Open discussion  (docaedo, 17:42:18)

Meeting ended at 17:45:20 UTC.

People present (lines said)
* docaedo (61)
* kfox1111 (57)
* openstack (3)
* sgordon (1)
* elmiko (1)

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