[openstack-dev] [oslo][neutron] oslo.policy: policy_dirs config option, why deprecated?

Akihiro Motoki amotoki at gmail.com
Sat Jul 4 05:12:07 UTC 2015

Hi Oslo and Neutron folks,

Why is policy_dirs option deprecated in oslo.policy?
In Neutron we have multiple repositories which consist of Neutron services
and we would like to maintain policy.json separately.
policy_dirs option looks useful for this purpose.

== Detail ==

Neutron project now consists of several repositories and
they are imported when neutron-server runs.
There are cases where it makes sense that each repository manages its
and the neutron-server wants to load all related policy.json files.
- advanced services have separate repositories and they evolve their API
- vendor plugins/drivers in separate repositories (can) have
vendor-specific extension API.
  (It is not a good thing from the point of the current API discussion, but
we have now.)

An easy way is to put all related policy.json into a single directory
lile /etc/neutron/policy.d and specify this to policy_dirs option.

Looking at oslo.policy (oslo_policy/opts),
we have a comment policy_dirs option will be removed in M cycle.
I read the commit message where this message was added but
I am not sure why it is a problem.
I would like to know the reason of the deprecation and
discuss how we can handle our use cases.

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