[openstack-dev] [Heat] Show attribute is a collection of other attributes or not?

Sergey Kraynev skraynev at mirantis.com
Thu Jul 2 13:40:49 UTC 2015

Hi Heaters.

I don't think that my question is very huge for openstack-dev, but it
affects a lot of Heat resources
and need collect more opinions before apply some of follow approaches.
I recently uploaded initial approach for implementation common 'show'
attribute [1]

On one of this review was raised one interesting suggestion:
'show' attribute should return map of all resource's attributes, i.e.

for each attr in self.attributes_schema:
   outputs[attr] =  _resolve_attribute(attr)
return outputs

I agree, that it's more easier than separate show_resource method for each
resource and it's the same, what returns Neutron API on "show" request.
However, we already has opposite example, when OS::Nova::Server resource
has bunch of attributes which are not similar on current 'show' attribute


I suppose, that the same situation will be and for other resources.

So I want to ask about way, which we would like to follow?
[1] "show" as collection of attributes
[2] "show" as the same output for command "<some client>  <name of

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