[openstack-dev] What's Up Doc? Jan 30 2015

Anne Gentle annegentle at justwriteclick.com
Fri Jan 30 23:02:48 UTC 2015

We have a new Sphinx theme for docs.openstack.org, called
openstackdocstheme. It should be available on pipy as soon as we can get it
released. Once that's released I'll write instructions for how to apply it
to migrated content. A huge thanks to Doug Hellman for getting it to

We are working through migrations for the End User Guide and Admin User
Guide, sign up for a section at

While migrating a chapter, I found I wanted some guidelines for how to
migrate, so I wrote some here:
Feel free to disagree with my notes so far, but my main theme is "simplify."

The Foundation is working on letting people know about the new home page
design for docs.openstack.org probably through a Superuser post so that we
can dig into the techie details. :) Please let me know if you have
questions, and realize we're working through the kinks as we go.

Official OpenStack Debian images for VMs are now available and added to the
VM Image Guide:

60 patches merged in various docs repos in the last week including updates
to the End User Guide to include more step-by-step tutorials for Object
Storage. Nice work everyone!

The <service>-api repos are now moved to openstack-attic. I'd still like
some of that content to be reflected in specs.openstack.org for both nova
and neutron and I'll continue to work on that.

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