[openstack-dev] [Manila]Questions about using not handle share-servers drivers with "Flat network"

Li, Chen chen.li at intel.com
Wed Jan 28 00:39:54 UTC 2015

Hi list,

I have some questions.
Hope can get help from you guys.

Manila has two driver modes.
For handle share server drivers, the share-network is easy to understand.
For not handle share-servers drivers, manila request admin to do everything before manila-share service start, and when the service is running, it only serves requests do not contain "share-network".

I kept confusing about which/why users would create shares without "share-network". Although when working with this kind of driver, the manila-share service can only support one specific network restricted by the backend. But "users" do not know backends, they should always want to create shares with "share-network", because users always want to connect shares to their instances that lives in the cloud with "share-network".

Then I have been told that these shares created without "share-network" are assumed to be used on a "public network".
The "public network" do make a clear explanation about why "share-network" not matter anymore.

But, when I build my cloud with Manila, what I want to do is let backends to serve my "Flat network".

I want to have 2 backends in Manila, both of them are "not handle share-servers drivers".
I set for backend1 and create a "Flat network" in neutron with subnet with IP range from
I set for backend2 and create a "Flat network" in neutron with subnet with IP range from

The reason I build  my cloud like this is because I want to do some performance tests on both backends, to compare the two backends.

I think it should not hard to do it, but manila do not support that currently.

So, is this the behavior should work  ?
Or anything else I missed ?


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