[openstack-dev] [Neutron][Heat] How to bind IP&MAC for a stack VM resources

Jay Lau jay.lau.513 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 02:13:59 UTC 2015


I have a question related to MAC and IP binding, I know that we can create
a port to bind a private IP and MAC together then create VM using this
specified port to make sure the VM can use the the IP and MAC in this port.
This can make sure one VM can have IP and MAC as customer required.

The problem is how to handle this in HEAT, I can create a pool of neutron
ports which have a list of MAC&IP biniding, then I want to create a stack
with heat to use the ports that I created before to make sure all VMs in
the stack can have the IP&MAC specified in my port pool, I did not find a
solution for this, does anyone can give some suggestions for how to
configure this in heat template to achieve this goal?


Jay Lau (Guangya Liu)
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