[openstack-dev] [horizon] static files handling, bower/

Martin Geisler martin at geisler.net
Thu Jan 22 13:10:39 UTC 2015

Radomir Dopieralski <openstack at sheep.art.pl> writes:

> On 22/01/15 11:27, Martin Geisler wrote:
>> Maybe this is a dumb question, but if there already is a system
>> package for, say, Angular, why is the XStatic packge needed then?
>> Could the system package for Horizon not just point directly to where
>> the Angular package has put its files?
> Yes, that is *exactly* the change that we want to make now and that we
> are discussing! Drop the whole XStatic thing, and have a file in Horizon
> that configures all the paths. Then use Bower for downloading the files
> in development environments, and system packages in production.

Heh, I see, sorry for not reading carefully enough then!

Martin Geisler

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