[openstack-dev] [QA] Moving tempest clients to tempest-lib (was Meeting Thursday January 8th at 22:00 UTC)

Ken'ichi Ohmichi ken1ohmichi at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 05:34:58 UTC 2015

2015-01-21 12:08 GMT+09:00 Matthew Treinish <mtreinish at kortar.org>:
> On Wed, Jan 21, 2015 at 11:20:12AM +0900, Ken'ichi Ohmichi wrote:
>> Hi David,
>> As we told today, I tried Neutron service client migration to tempest-lib.
>> but I found some blocking thing for it and I'd like to share it.
>> I thought that the base service_client module and neutron service client
>> are migrated to tempest-lib without other service clients as the first step.
>> For doing that, we need to remove all CONF values from the base
>> service_client module and neutron service client. We can remove all CONF
>> values from neutron one but cannot do from the base service client before
>> removing all CONF values from the other service clients due to:
>> https://github.com/openstack/tempest/blob/master/tempest/common/service_client.py#L31
>> So we need to remove all CONF values from all service clients before neutron
>> service client migration.
> The first thing that I feel we should be migrating before we start handling the
> service clients is the auth/credential code in tempest/auth.py. Right now the
> way tempest-lib is handling the auth layer is by passing in an auth provider as
> an arg, which is fine but the only examples of a working auth provider is in the
> tempest tree, not in the library. This isn't really useful for external
> consumers of tempest-lib. Before we start working on migrating other service
> clients I'd like to have the auth provider layer (and anything that requires)
> migrated into tempest-lib. I don't see much value in having other service
> clients migrated if this isn't sorted first.

I agree.
These works would depend on auth/credential parts, and that is a consensus
of Paris summit[1].
but we can work for these tasks in parallel, and I will work for service client
code cleanup as possible before migrating them to tempest-lib.

Ken Ohmichi
[1]: https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-summit-tempest-lib-moving-forward

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