[openstack-dev] [neutron][devstack][keystone] Devstack failures due to empty service catalogue

Zhou, Zhenzan zhenzan.zhou at intel.com
Thu Jan 22 03:20:22 UTC 2015

Just noticed that your log has “2015-01-21 16:43:24.674 | The service catalog is empty.”

I just met a similar issue: stack.sh aborted with service catalog empty error). I
find errors like below:

2015-01-22 14:34:10.048 | ++ get_or_create_service cinder volume 'Cinder Volume Service'
2015-01-22 14:34:10.049 | +++ openstack service show cinder -f value -c id
2015-01-22 14:34:10.607 | +++ openstack service create volume --name cinder '--description=Cinder Volume Service' -f value -c id
2015-01-22 14:34:11.096 | usage: openstack service create [-h] [-f {html,json,shell,table,value,yaml}]
2015-01-22 14:34:11.096 |                                 [-c COLUMN] [--max-width <integer>]
2015-01-22 14:34:11.096 |                                 [--prefix PREFIX] --type <service-type>
2015-01-22 14:34:11.096 |                                 [--description <service-description>]
2015-01-22 14:34:11.097 |                                 <service-name>
2015-01-22 14:34:11.097 | openstack service create: error: argument --type is required

The reason is that my openstack client is old and not compatible with new devstack code. I have to git clone python-openstackclient and
install it manually.
I don’t know why devstack doesn’t check this. Any comments from experts? Thanks.

Zhou Zhenzan

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Subject: [openstack-dev] [neutron][devstack][keystone] Devstack failures due to empty service catalogue

Hi All,

I noticed that our CI got hit sometime last night. Neutron is unable to create "private" network as there is no Tenant ID.

Please see the error log here - http://paste.openstack.org/show/159912/

It appears that keystone is not creating tenant. Keystone screen log did not show anything obvious.

I wonder if others saw the same issue and if anybody has any idea as to what could have caused this? I looked at the obvious places and could not find anything interesting.

Any guidance/help will be appreciated.


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