[openstack-dev] multi-queue virtio-net interface

Steve Gordon sgordon at redhat.com
Wed Jan 21 21:43:37 UTC 2015

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> From: "Rajagopalan Sivaramakrishnan" <raja at juniper.net>
> To: openstack-dev at lists.openstack.org
> Hello,
>     We are hitting a performance bottleneck in the Contrail network
>     virtualization solution due to the virtio interface having a single
>     queue in VMs spawned using Openstack. There seems to be a blueprint to
>     address this by enabling multi-queue virtio-net at
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/libvirt-virtio-net-multiqueue
> It is not clear what the current status of this project is. We would be happy
> to contribute towards this effort if required. Could somebody please let us
> know what the next steps should be to get this into an upcoming release?
> Thanks,
> Raja

The specification is up for review here:


There is an associated Feature Freeze Exception (FFE) email for this proposal here which would need to be approved for this to be included in Kilo:




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