[openstack-dev] oslo_log/oslo_config initialization

Qiming Teng tengqim at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Jan 21 10:16:21 UTC 2015


In the oslo_log 0.1.0 release, the setup() function demands for a conf
parameter, but I have failed to find any hint about setting this up.

The problem is cfg.CONF() returns None, so the following code fails:

  conf = cfg.CONF(name='prog', project='project')
  # conf is always None here, so the following call fails
  log.setup(conf, 'project')

Another attempt also failed, because it cannot find any options:

  log.setup(cfg.CONF, 'project')

Any hint or sample code to setup logging if I'm abandoning the log
module from oslo.incubator?



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