[openstack-dev] [horizon] static files handling, bower/

Radomir Dopieralski openstack at sheep.art.pl
Wed Jan 14 12:23:13 UTC 2015

On 13/01/15 16:13, Drew Fisher wrote:
> On 1/13/15 7:59 AM, Jeremy Stanley wrote:
>> On 2015-01-13 08:50:28 +0100 (+0100), Matthias Runge wrote:
>> [...]
>>> But, as far as I understand, node.js will become a development
>>> requirement (and most probably a requirement for testing), but not for
>>> deployment.
>> [...]
>> A requirement for testing _is_ a requirement for deployment. If it's
>> not tested, it's broken. If you're deploying software on a platform
>> where it can't be tested then you're simply _hoping_ that it's not
>> broken, and that is almost certainly a false hope.
> Exactly.  We have to test this code base extensively before we package
> it up for Solaris.  Under no circumstances do we just blindly repackage
> the releases and push them out to customers.  Node.js is a total
> incompatibility for Solaris.  If upstream moves to using Bower we'll be
> forced to look for alternatives at managing the JavaScript libraries.

I have some bad news for you. Horizon already uses node.js for running
jshint on its JavaScript files on the gate. Simply because there is no
other alternative. You are welcome to work on and propose a better solution.

Radomir Dopieralski

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