[openstack-dev] [glance] Replication on image create

Boden Russell bodenvmw at gmail.com
Tue Jan 13 21:55:20 UTC 2015

Looking for some feedback from the glance dev team on a potential BP…

The use case I’m trying to solve is —>

"As an admin, I want my glance image bits replicated to multiple store
locations (of the same store type) during a glance create operation."

For example, I have 3 HTTP based backend locations I want to store my
glance image bits on. When I create / upload a new glance image, I want
those bits put onto all 3 HTTP based locations and have the image's
'locations' metadata properly reflect all stored locations.

There are obviously multiple approaches to getting this done.

[1] Allow per glance store drivers the ability to manage config and
"connectivity" to multiple backends. For example in the glance-api.conf:

store_backends = http1,http2,http3
# http 1 backend props
# http 2 backend props
# http 2 backend props

And then in the HTTP store driver use a configuration approach like
cinder multi-backend does (e.g.:
Here, the store driver handles all the logic w/r/t pushing the image
bits to all backends, etc..

[2] A separate (3rd party) "process" which handles the image replication
and location metadata updates... For example listens for the glance
notification on create and then takes the steps necessary to replicate
the bits elsewhere and update the image metadata (locations).

[3] etc...

In a prototype I implemented #1 which can be done with no impact outside
of the store driver code itself. I prefer #1 over #2 given approach #2
may need pull the image bits back down from the initial location in
order to push for replication; additional processing.

Is the dev team adverse to option #1 for the store driver's who wish to
implement it and / or what are the other (preferred) options here?

Thank you,
- boden

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