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Martin Geisler martin at geisler.net
Tue Jan 13 14:21:16 UTC 2015

"Kuvaja, Erno" <kuvaja at hp.com> writes:

> I'm heavily against the public logging to the level that I will just
> leave the channel if that will be enabled. My point is not foul
> language and I do understand that there could be some benefits out of
> it. Personally I think we have enough tracked public communication
> means like ask.openstack.org and the mailing lists. IRC is and has
> always been real time communications with defined audience.

For what it's worth, we've had the same discussion in the Mercurial
community and decided no *not* enable public logging on the IRC channel.

The arguments are similar to what you say, plus people said that they
would behave differently if the channels were logged in public.

We don't have problems with foul language, but people felt that they
would be more restricted if everything they write end up in a log like
on a mailing list.

Some people said that they would be less active on the list during their
work hours -- not because it was strictly forbidden for them to spend
some time help an open source project (and everybody needs a break once
in a while), but because they felt it could look strange if their boss
sees a full archive of their activity.

It is similar to how I'm allowed to use the Internet for personal things
at work (as long as I do it in a reasonable amount) but I don't want to
hand over a complete log to my boss.

So people should be aware that enabling logging and putting a notice
about it in the channel topic is likely to affect the behavior. It will
have some pros (people can search the logs for old discussions) and some
cons (people might not bother posting a summary of an IRC discussion on
the mailing list).

Martin Geisler

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