[openstack-dev] Mirantis Openstack 5.1 environment issues

Pavankumar Kulkarni (CW) pkulkar at Brocade.com
Thu Jan 8 13:06:51 UTC 2015

Hi Fuel Team,

         Hope you are doing good.  We are facing issues in Mirantis Openstack 5.1 environment as below;

1)      Verify network got failed with message Expected VLAN (not received) untagged at the interface Eth1 of controller and compute nodes.

In our set-up Eth1 is connected to the public network, which we disconnect from public network while doing deployment operation as FUEL itself works as DHCP server. We want know that is this a known issue in Fuel or from our side, as we followed this prerequisite before doing verify network operation.

2)      Eth1 interface in the Fuel UI is showing as down even after connecting back cables into the nodes.

Before doing openstack deployment  from Fuel node, we disconnected eth1 from controller and compute nodes as it is connected to public network.  Deployment was successful and then we connected back the Eth1 of all controller/compute nodes.  We are seeing an issue that eth1 displaying as down in FUEL UI, even though we connect back eth1 interface and we are able to ping to public network.

3)       Neutron dead but pid file exists.

We are seeing this issue in the controller node after restarting the neutron server.  We stopped all neutron related services and tried to restart neutron-server , but still neutron-server is not starting.

                               We are sharing the logs (Diagnostic Snapshots) for above issues. Please find the drop-box link below.  Thanks.

Drop-box link:


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