[openstack-dev] [api] [sdk] Proposal to achieve consistency in client side sorting

Kevin L. Mitchell kevin.mitchell at rackspace.com
Tue Jan 6 18:46:53 UTC 2015

On Tue, 2015-01-06 at 12:19 -0600, Anne Gentle wrote:
> I'm all for consistency. Sounds like a great case for the API Working
> Group to document. You can propose a patch describing the way we want
> sorting to work. 
> See https://review.openstack.org/#/q/project:openstack/api-wg,n,z

I really think that the API WG should be responsible for the REST API
only, TBH, and maybe for the Pythonic APIs.  Once we start talking about
CLI options, I think that's outside the API WG's perview, and we
probably should have that be up to CLI authors.  My thinking is that a
REST API and a Python API are both used by developers, where we have one
set of conventions; but when you start talking about CLI, you're really
talking about UX, and the rules there can be vastly different.

Now, my personal preference on the CLI side is that "--sort key[:dir]"
is the way to go, but I helped hash that out in the novaclient
implementation as a reviewer.  I also had suggestions about how it
should be transmitted in the REST API, but that had already been settled
at the blueprint phase; that may be something the API WG will want to
take up and review and provide guidance on now, though…
Kevin L. Mitchell <kevin.mitchell at rackspace.com>

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