[openstack-dev] [oslo] Progress of the port to Python 3

victor stinner victor.stinner at enovance.com
Tue Jan 6 16:51:55 UTC 2015


I'm still working on porting OpenStack to Python 3. I'm fixing Python 3 issues in eventlet and I'm trying to replace eventlet with trollius in OpenStack. Two different and complementary ways to port OpenStack to Python 3.

I fixed some eventlet issues related to Python 3 and monkey-patching. My changes are part of eventlet 0.16 which was released the 2014-12-30. I tried this version with Oslo Messaging: with another fix in eventlet (threading.Condition) and a change in the zmq driver, only 3 tests are now failing (which is a great success for me).

See my Oslo Messaging change for more information:

It looks like eventlet 0.16 works much better with Python 3 and monkey-patching. You should try it on your own project! Tell me if you need help to fix issues.


About asyncio, I renamed my "aiogreen" project to "aioeventlet" (to make it more explicit that it is specific to eventlet). With the release 0.4, the API is now considered as stable.

Mehdi Abaakouk voted +2 on my Oslo Messaging patches to support trollius coroutines using aioeventlet project, but it looks that he's alone to review Oslo Messaging patches :-/ Anyway to approve my changes?

* Add an optional executor callback to dispatcher
* Add a new aioeventlet executor

By the way, my review to add aioeventlet dependency also waits for a review:

* Add aioeventlet dependency

Victor Stinner

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