[openstack-dev] [infra] [storyboard] Nominating Yolanda Robla for StoryBoard Core

Thierry Carrez thierry at openstack.org
Mon Jan 5 10:47:56 UTC 2015

Michael Krotscheck wrote:
> StoryBoard is the much anticipated successor to Launchpad, and is a
> component of the Infrastructure Program. The storyboard-core group is
> intended to be a superset of the infra-core group, with additional
> reviewers who specialize in the field.
> Yolanda has been working on StoryBoard ever since the Atlanta Summit,
> and has provided a diligent and cautious voice to our development
> effort. She has consistently provided feedback on our reviews, and is
> neither afraid of asking for clarification, nor of providing
> constructive criticism. In return, she has been nothing but gracious and
> responsive when improvements were suggested to her own submissions.
> Furthermore, Yolanda has been quite active in the infrastructure team as
> a whole, and provides valuable context for us in the greater realm of infra.
> Please respond within this thread with either supporting commentary, or
> concerns about her promotion. Since many western countries are currently
> celebrating holidays, the review period will remain open until January
> 9th. If the consensus is positive, we will promote her then!


Although Yolanda missed the brainwashing^Winitial objective alignment
sprint in Brussels, she has been catching up on code really fast and
always provided insightful reviews. Adding her to the core team should
give us the critical mass we need to unclog the change pipeline.

Thierry Carrez (ttx)

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