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On Mon Jan 05 2015 at 7:59:14 PM Radomir Dopieralski <openstack at sheep.art.pl>

> On 05/01/15 00:35, Richard Jones wrote:
> > On Mon Dec 22 2014 at 8:24:03 PM Radomir Dopieralski
> > <openstack at sheep.art.pl <mailto:openstack at sheep.art.pl>> wrote:
> >
> >     On 20/12/14 21:25, Richard Jones wrote:
> >     > This is a good proposal, though I'm unclear on how the
> >     > static_settings.py file is populated by a developer (as opposed to
> a
> >     > packager, which you described).
> >
> >     It's not, the developer version is included in the repository, and
> >     simply points to where Bower is configured to put the files.
> > So just to be clear, as developers we:
> >
> > 1. have a bower.json listing the bower component to use,
> > 2. use bower to fetch and install those to the bower_components
> > directory at the top level of the Horizon repos checkout, and
> > 3. manually edit static_settings.py when we add a new bower component to
> > bower.json so it knows the appropriate static files to load from that
> > component.
> >
> > Is that correct?
> >
> > The above will increase the burden on those adding or upgrading bower
> > components (they'll need to check the bower.json in the component for
> > the appropriate static files to link in) but will make life easier for
> > the re-packagers since they'll know which files they need to cater for
> > in static_settings.py
> Well, I expect you can tell Bower to put the files somewhere else than
> in the root directory of the project -- a directory like ``bower_files``
> or something (that directory is also added to ``.gitignore`` so that you
> don't commit it by mistake). Then only that directory needs to be added
> to the ``static_settings.py``. Of course, you still need to make all the
> ``<script>`` links in appropriate places with the right URLs, but you
> would have to do that anyways.

Bower installs into a directory called bower_components in the current
directory, which is equivalent to your bower_files above.

> Let's look at an example. Suppose you need to a new JavaScript library
> called "hipster.js". You add it to the ``bower.json`` file, and run
> Bower. Bower downloads the right files and does whatever it is that it
> does to them, and puts them in  ``bower_files/hipster-js``. Now you edit
> Horizon's templates and add ``<script src="{{ STATIC_URL
> }}/hipster-js/hipster.js">`` to ``_scripts.html``. That's it for you.
> Since your ``static_settings.py`` file already has a line:
>   ('', os.path.join(BASE_DIR, '/bower_files')),
> in it, it will just work.

Yep, except s/bower_files/bower_components :)

Now, suppose that a packager wants to package this for, say, Debian. And
> suppose that Debian has "hipster.js" packaged, except it was called
> "bro.js" before, and they left the old name for compatibility reasons.
> He will look at the change history to the ``bower.json`` and the
> ``_scripts.html`` files, take the ``static_settings.py`` file for his
> distribution, and add a line:
>   ('hipster-js/hipster.js', '/usr/lib/js_libraries/bro_js/bro.js')

Ah! I had forgotten about that feature. Yep, all good :)

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