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Michael Krotscheck krotscheck at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 01:32:48 UTC 2015

Hi everyone!

I'd like to announce my own candidacy for the OpenStack Technical
Committee. My TL/DR platform is: "Represent Front-End Engineering". It's
what I do, it's what I love, it's what I've been doing for the last 15
years, and it's what I want to keep doing for years to come.

Would you like some details? Of course you would!

*First: Represent Front-End Engineering on the TC.*

To me, this means being an advocate to everyone who touches the things
which people use to interact with OpenStack; CLI, Web UI, etc. From the
engineers working on upstream projects such as Fuel, Refstack, Ironic-UI,
Horizon, and StoryBoard, to the UI Developers downstream who are developing
their own tools, I strongly feel this branch of our profession should be
represented, and I would like to be that representative.

*Second: Advocate ease-of-use across OpenStack.*

I don't only mean pretty buttons - I also mean how easy the CLI clients
are, how intuitive the API's are, and how easy it is to onboard and/or
support your own engineering efforts. You can have all the feature support
in the world, but if it's not easy to use, you're doomed out of the gate.

*Third: Make JavaScript a first-class citizen.*

Yep, _this_ can of worms! Between the projects mentioned above, it's pretty
clear that JavaScript is here to stay. With that in mind there remain many
problems with the tooling, and we need to be conscious of those
shortcomings as we start to draft policies that support the needs of all
stakeholders: OpenStack's components, Engineers both downstream and
upstream, Package Maintainers, and most importantly Operators and their

*My qualifications:*

I've been active in the OpenStack community for about 18 months now,
working on Monty Taylor's team here at HP on trying to get StoryBoard to
the point where it can replace Launchpad. I'm more-or-less responsible for
all things NodeJS, NPM, Selenium, and Browser on infra, basically
everything you need to build and test a Web UI. I've recently landed
supporting technologies (such as CORS) that will greatly assist in
unleashing downstream UI developers post-liberty, and am trying to teach
Infra how to publish javascript libraries much like it does for python.
Also, I've got 15 years of experience as a UI engineer, and a scant year of
experience as a UX researcher.

Michael Krotscheck
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