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On 04/09/2015 12:55 AM, Nikhil Komawar wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I would like to announce my candidacy as PTL for Glance for Liberty cycle.
> I have been part of the Glance program since Folsom release and have seen it grow and get better over the years. As the PTL for Kilo, I have helped this program achieve a steady forward momentum. In the process, quite a few developers have joined the program, become core reviewers, and have been providing excellent feedback on reviews, specs and development of libraries. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with everyone and get the newer members up to speed on the Glance project's development patterns and processes. Also, we have been able to accomplish good progress on the newly added features namely Artifacts and the Catalog Index Service. At the same time, other blueprints have had good attention both from code contributors as well as reviewers side. Although we began with a relatively small review team at the advent of Kilo, over a dozen blueprints were implemented for Glance.  Additionally, we have been making continued progress in improving the glance_store and python-glance
client libraries. Also, we've made a lot of progress in Glance for incubating cross-project changes like adopting graduated oslo policy, support of multiple sort keys and directions in glance and in the client, etc. We have also seen better feedback time on reviews, better awareness on review guidelines, more IRC presence, better collaboration in the meetings and on the Mailing Lists, and prompt attention to security bugs.  There have also been improvements in subtle aspects of the program like more Documentation support, feature updates in the client, as well as increased frequency of releases of the libraries. All of this great work has been made possible by the support of a group of really talented and proactive developers who have made the Glance ATCs into a vibrant community.
> For Liberty I would like to encourage the team to help Artifacts and the Catalog Index Service achieve feature completion early in the first phase of the cycle.  This will put us in a good position to address stability concerns and make stability the primary focus of the Liberty cycle. As we have made good progress in reducing the technical debt of promised features and improving cross project experience within Glance, I think it's time to put more focus in stabilizing the code bases. glance_store was introduced in the Juno cycle, saw great improvements in Kilo, but requires more work to become a mature repository. So, for Liberty, as a part of stability goal I would like to work with the team in rising its Development Status to level 4 at the very least. Also, there have been some really great feature proposals in the later phase of Kilo that couldn't be implemented in the short window available. I would like to help these proposal get some feedback as well as work with their respe
ctive development teams in building solutions cohesive to the Glance program.
> During Kilo, Glance made the full transition from the old blueprint style of design specifications to the more rigorous specs-based system.  From that experience, the team has learned what did and didn't work well and has asked for a better process for managing blueprints, specs and documentation. I would like to partner with developers as well as operators in understanding and addressing the pain points therein. I would like to partner with a wider group in being able to setup documentation for the same. I would also like to help the team get a healthier review speed and start implementing the rotation policy for core reviewers.
> I have enjoyed working with all the Glance contributors and have learned a lot while serving as PTL for Kilo. I'd appreciate the opportunity to apply what I've learned to the Liberty release.
> Thanks for your consideration and support,
> -Nikhil Komawar
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