[openstack-dev] [Trove] PTL Candidacy

Nikhil Manchanda nikhil at manchanda.me
Wed Apr 8 16:33:42 UTC 2015

I'd like to announce my candidacy for the PTL role of the Database
(Trove) program for Liberty.

I have been the PTL for Trove for Juno, and Kilo. During this time
frame we made some really good progress on multiple fronts. In Kilo
specifically, we completed the oslo-messaging integration work that
we had started in Juno. We added support for GTID based mysql
master-slave replication.  We added support for new datastores
including CouchDB, Vertica and DB2, and an initial implementation of
clustering for Vertica as well.  We furthered the testability of
Trove, by moving all testing off of our deprecated 3rd party CI
infrastructure and fully into OpenStack CI. We are continuing to make
good progress updating and cleaning up our developer docs, install
guide, and user documentation.

For Liberty, I'd like us to keep working on clustering, with the end
goal of being able to provision fully HA database clusters for the
various datastores in Trove. This means a continued focus on
clustering for datastores including a semi-synchronous mysql
clustering solution.  I'd also like to ensure that we make progress
towards our goal of integrating trove with a monitoring solution to
enable scenarios like auto-failover, which will be crucial to HA and a
fully managed database service. Additionally, I'd like to keep our
momentum going with regards to improving Trove testability
documentation, and reviews.

Some of the other work-items that I hope we can get to in Liberty include:

- Separating out the Guest Agent from the other Trove services.
- User access of datastore logs.
- Scheduled Tasks for instances - especially backups.
- Tackling control plane, guest agent, and datastore updates

No PTL candidate email is complete without some commit / review stats,
so here they are:

* My Patches:

* My Reviews:

Thanks for taking the time to make it this far,
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