[openstack-dev] [TripleO] PTL Candidacy

James Slagle james.slagle at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 03:42:02 UTC 2015


I'm running for TripleO PTL for the Liberty cycle. I've been an active
TripleO developer and contributor for going on 2 years now.

I'm really excited about all the great progress TripleO made during Kilo.
The puppet integration is almost fully complete and has enabled several
aspects that I'd like to see TripleO continue to improve on during Liberty:

* Better defined interfaces in tripleo-heat-templates -- The puppet work has
moved us to having a cleaner separation in the templates between the actual
deployment and configuration of the Overcloud. I'd like to see us build on
this work, particularly in a way that will enable integration with Kolla so
we can have a Heat deployed containerized Overcloud.

* Package based updates -- I really feel a traditional distribution based
package based story is the quickest way to providing an update solution for
TripleO. Containerization, once integrated, could provide a second update
solution that would provide many of the same benefits as an image based
update model.

* CI coverage -- tripleo-ci continues to prove it's value by finding real
regressions in OpenStack that otherwise would have been missed. I'd like to
continue to press on our CI and use it to report on other projects (such as
the puppet modules) where that desire exists.

There are a few other items that I feel are important for us to focus on
during Liberty:

I feel we can do a better job releasing our software projects in a way that
makes it easier to consume TripleO.  Particularly in such a way that it's
more obvious how to use it together to deploy OpenStack. I think a part of
that would be the re-introduction of using stable branches and to improve
our documentation on deploying via TripleO.

I'd also like to see us make it easier for users to get started with
TripleO.  The only so called "entry point" or way to get started with
TripleO currently is devtest.  While devtest works for developers and at
driving our CI, I don't consider it something to be used for deploying an
actual production cloud. I think we need to work to fill this gap.

Making things easier to get started would also help us bring in new
developers.  In the same vein, we grow our developer community by
integrating with things like Puppet and Kolla. I think we have a lot of
great opportunity here to show how TripleO can integrate with new and
existing deployment solutions.

Finally, moving forward, I'd like to see our project encourage more
leadership growth. I don't feel like the majority of a project's leadership
needs to come from just 1 (or a few) individual or role. If elected as PTL,
I'd look forward to fostering this type of growth in our community.

Thanks for your consideration!

-- James Slagle

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