[openstack-dev] [Horizon] PTL Candidacy

David Lyle dklyle0 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 3 17:28:44 UTC 2015

I would like to announce my candidacy for Horizon PTL. I have been actively
contributing to Horizon since the Grizzly Summit and I've had the pleasure
of serving as PTL for the last three cycles.

In Kilo, we accelerated Horizon's adoption of AngularJS. We made a great
deal of progress, with a near finished replacement of the launch instance
workflow, The launch instance workflow was the number one usability issue
in Horizon when tested. We've also created a framework to standardize and
improve how filtering, pagination and data loading is managed in tables.
The utilization of this framework begins in Liberty.

We've worked to better incorporate UX design into our process. The UX team
is now a part of the feature design process. In Liberty, we'll look to
further formalize this workflow. Additionally, we've conducted several
usability studies to obtain feedback on designs and information
architecture from users and potential users. The results are helping guide
design as we move forward. We will continue to test new and existing
interfaces and designs.

Over the past three cycles, interest in Horizon has grown dramatically, but
as with most of OpenStack, we are feeling those growing pains. As a
horizontal integration point, Horizon needs to adapt to handle the
increasing breadth of services in OpenStack. In Juno and Kilo, we built and
refined a plugin system for adding new content into Horizon. In Liberty,
we'll see more services utilizing this mechanism and allow service teams to
retain greater control of their Horizon content.

In Liberty, Horizon needs to focus on existing efforts around improving
usability, better support for large deployments and more useful
administrative interfaces. We've set the stage to make significant strides
in Liberty. I appreciate your consideration for the opportunity to continue
enabling our tremendous team of contributors to make it happen.

I'm excited by the progress we've made and the prospect of seeing several
of our project's long term goals become reality in Liberty.

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