[openstack-dev] [Magnum] PTL Candidacy

Adrian Otto adrian.otto at rackspace.com
Thu Apr 2 16:36:36 UTC 2015

I respectfully respect your support to continue as your Magnum PTL.

Here are are my achievements and OpenStack experience and that make me the best choice for this role:

* Founder of the OpenStack Containers Team
* Established vision and specification for Magnum
* Served as PTL for Magnum since the first line of code was contributed in November 2014
* Successful addition of Magnum to the official OpenStack projects list on 2015-03-24
* Planned and executed successful Magnum Midcycle meetup in March 2015
* 3 terms of experience as elected PTL for Solum
* Involved with OpenStack since Austin Design Summit in 2010

What background and skills help me to do this role well:

* 20 years of experience in technical leadership positions
* Considerable experience leading milti-organization collaborations
* Diplomacy skills for inclusion of numerous viewpoints, and ability to drive consensus and shared vision
* Considerable experience in public speaking, and running design summit sessions
* Deep belief in Open Source, Open Development, Open Design, and Open Community
* I love OpenStack and I love containers, probably more than anyone else in the world in this combination.

What to expect in the Liberty release cycle:

We will continue to focus on making the best Containers-as-a-Service solution for cloud operators. This requires a valuable vertical integration of container management tools with OpenStack. Magnum is quickly maturing. Here are key focus areas that I believe are important for us to work on during our next release:

* Functional testing, and unit test code coverage
* Overlay networking 
* Bay type choices (allow for plugging in prevailing container execution engines as needed)
* Surface additional (small/medium) features (TLS Security, Autoscaling, Load balancer management, etc.)

I look forward to your vote, and to helping us succeed together.


Adrian Otto

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