[openstack-dev] [infra] [all] Announcing the project-config repo

James E. Blair corvus at inaugust.com
Thu Sep 25 23:57:00 UTC 2014

We have moved (most) project configuration data out of the
openstack-infra/config repository into a new repository called

This repo contains only config files related to configuring software
projects in the OpenStack project infrastructure.  This includes:

  * Zuul
  * Jenkins Job Builder
  * Gerrit
  * Nodepool
  * IRC bots
  * The index page for specs.openstack.org

There are some things that are still in the config repo that we would
like to move but require further refactoring.  However, the bulk of
project related configuration is in the new repository.

Why Was This Done?

We have done this for a number of reasons:

  * To make it easier for people who care about the "big tent" of
    OpenStack to review changes to add new projects and changes to the
    CI system.

  * To make it easier for people who care about system administration of
    the project infrustructure to review those changes.

  * To make the software that we use to run the infrastructure a little
    more reusable by downstream consumers.

For more about the rationale and the mechanics of the split itself, see
this spec:


How To Use the New Repo

All of the same files are present with their history, but we have
reorganized the repo to make it a bit more convenient.  Most files are
simply one or two levels down from the root directory under what I
sincerely hope is a meaningful name.  For instance:

  ...and so on...

Here is a browseable link to the repo:


And you know about our documentation, right?  It's all been updated with
the new paths.  Highlights include:

  * The stackforge howto:  http://ci.openstack.org/stackforge.html
  * The our Zuul docs:  http://ci.openstack.org/zuul.html
  * Our JJB docs:  http://ci.openstack.org/jjb.html
  * And many others accessible from:  http://ci.openstack.org/

Finally, all those neat jobs that tell you that you added a job without
a definition or didn't put something in alphabetical order are all
running on the new repo as well.

What Next?

If you had an outstanding patch against the config repo that was
affected by the split, you will need to re-propose it to the
project-config repo.

You should review changes in project-config.  Yes -- you.  If you have
any idea what this stuff is, reviewing changes to this repo will be a
big help to all the projects that are using our infrastructure.

This repo has its own group of core reviewers.  Currently it includes
only infra-core, but regular reviewers who understand the major systems
involved, the general requirements for new projects, and the overall
direction of the testing infrastructure will be nominated for membership
in the project-config-core team.

As always, feel free to reply to this email or visit us in
#openstack-infra with any questions.


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