[openstack-dev] [glance] Proposal for a StorPool image backend driver

Flavio Percoco flavio at redhat.com
Thu Nov 27 10:14:06 UTC 2014

On 27/11/14 11:34 +0200, Peter Penchev wrote:
>Hm, looks like I was a bit confused as to the procedure of submitting
>a blueprint and a spec for a new Glance image backend driver - and
>yeah, the actual text of the "Reviewers" section of the spec should
>have made me at least ask on the list...  So here I am, asking, and
>sorry for the prematurely filed blueprint.
>So, what do you peope think about a new image backend driver, using
>snapshots in a StorPool distributed storage cluster?  The idea is that
>since we already have an approved Cinder blueprint for volumes and we
>are on the way of getting an approved Nova blueprint for attaching
>StorPool-backed Cinder volumes, it might be nice to also have Glance
>support, so that creating volumes from images and creating images from
>volumes would be a breeze.  This will also help with another Nova spec
>that I'll file today - using StorPool volumes instead of local files
>for the Nova VM images; then cloning a Glance image to a Nova VM image
>will also be a breeze.
>Here's some more information:
>- StorPool distributed storage: http://www.storpool.com/
>- my prematurely filed blueprint:
>- my prematurely filed spec: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/137360/
>- the Cinder volume support blueprint:
>- the Nova "attach StorPool-backed Cinder volumes" blueprint:
>Please feel free to ask for any additional information and
>clarifications, and once again, sorry for filing a blueprint against
>the rules!

Hey Peter,

Thanks for reaching out and sending this to the mailing list.

As you may probably already know, Glance's store drivers live in a
library called glance_store. This library allows glance to store and
get data from the different stores.

A good thing about this library is that it allows for external drivers
to exist. While I'm definitely not opposed to adding this store driver
in the code base, I'd prefer to take advantage of this plugin module
first and have the StorPool driver implemented outside the codebase.

Once it's been implemented and maintained for at least one cycle -
Kilo - it'd be nice to have the spec proposed and the driver pooled
into glance_store.

It's not a hard rule, really. It's a presonal opinion on a process
that have been quite broken in Glance. In addition to this, we're
about to refactor glance_store's API and it may require refactoring
the driver as well.

I'll comment on the spec as well but I thought I'd also provide
feedback on your email.


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