[openstack-dev] [Oslo][Neutron] Fork() safety and oslo.messaging

Ken Giusti kgiusti at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 02:52:56 UTC 2014

I've come up with a patch to the amqp 1.0 driver that resets the
connection state if the pid of the current process is different from
the process that has created the connection:


I've managed to get this to work using rpc_workers=4 in neutron.conf,
which failed consistently pre-patch.

On Tue, Nov 25, 2014 at 11:16 AM, Mehdi Abaakouk <sileht at sileht.net> wrote:
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>> Mmmm... I don't think it's that clear (re: an application issue).  I
>> mean, yes - the application is doing the os.fork() at the 'wrong'
>> time, but where is this made clear in the oslo.messaging API
>> documentation?
>> I think this is the real issue here:  what is the "official" guidance
>> for using os.fork() and its interaction with oslo libraries?
>> In the case of oslo.messaging, I can't find any mention of os.fork()
>> in the API docs (I may have missed it - please correct me if so).
>> That would imply - at least to me - that there is _no_ restrictions of
>> using os.fork() together with oslo.messaging.
> Yes, I agree we should add a note on that in oslo.messaging (and perhaps in
> oslo.db too).
> And also the os.fork() is done by the service.ProcessLauncher of
> oslo-incubator,
> and it's not (yet) documented. But once oslo.service library will be
> released, it will.
>> But in the case of qpid, that is definitely _not_ the case.
>> The legacy qpid driver - impl_qpid - imports a 3rd party library, the
>> qpid.messaging API.   This library uses threading.Thread internally,
>> we (consumers of this library) have no control over how that thread is
>> managed.  So for impl_qpid, os.fork()'ing after the driver is loaded
>> can't be guaranteed to work.   In fact, I'd say os.fork() and
>> impl_qpid will not work - full stop.
> Yes, I have tried it, and I have catch what happen and I can confirm that
> too now, unfortunately :( And this can occurs with any driver if the 3rd
> party library
> doesn't work when we use os.fork()
>>> For the amqp1 driver case, I think this is the same things, it seems to
>>> do lazy creation of the connection too.
>> We have more flexibility here, since the driver directly controls when
>> the thread is spawned.  But the very fact that the thread is used
>> places a restriction on how oslo.messaging and os.fork() can be used
>> together, which isn't made clear in the documentation for the library.
>> I'm not familiar with the rabbit driver - I've seen some patch for
>> heatbeating in rabbit introduce threading, so there may also be an
>> implication there as well.
> Yes, we need to check that.
>>> Personally, I don't like this API, because the behavior difference
>>> between
>>> '__init__' and 'start' is too implicit.
>> That's true, but I'd say that the problem of implicitness re:
>> os.fork() needs to be clarified at the library level as well.
> I agree.
> I will write the documentation patch for oslo.messaging.
> Cheers,
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