[openstack-dev] [cinder] Anyone Using the Open Solaris ZFS Driver?

Jay S. Bryant jsbryant at electronicjungle.net
Tue Nov 25 19:56:50 UTC 2014


I agree that upgrade is not a significant concern right now if the 
existing driver is not working.


I am having trouble following where you guys are currently at with this 
work.  I would like to help get you guys up and going during Kilo.

I am concerned that maybe there is confusion about the 
blueprints/patches that we are all talking about here.  I see this 
Blueprint that was accepted for Juno and appears to have an associated 
patch merged:  [1]  I also see this Blueprint that doesn't appear to be 
started yet: [2]  So, can you help me understand what it is you are 
hoping to get in for Kilo?

I know that you have been concerned about CI.  For new drivers we are 
allowing some grace period to get things working.  Once we get the 
confusion over blueprints worked out and have some code to start 
reviewing we can continue to discuss that issue.

Look forward to hearing back from you!


On 11/24/2014 11:53 AM, Monty Taylor wrote:
> On 11/24/2014 10:14 AM, Drew Fisher wrote:
>> On 11/17/14 10:27 PM, Duncan Thomas wrote:
>>> Is the new driver drop-in compatible with the old one? IF not, can
>>> existing systems be upgraded to the new driver via some manual steps, or
>>> is it basically a completely new driver with similar functionality?
> Possibly none of my business- but if the current driver is actually just
> flat broken, then upgrading from it to the new solaris ZFS driver seems
> unlikely to be possibly, simply because the from case is broken.
>> The driver in san/solaris.py focuses entirely on iSCSI.  I don't think
>> existing systems can be upgraded manually but I've never really tried.
>> We started with a clean slate for Solaris 11 and Cinder and added local
>> ZFS support for single-system and demo rigs along with a fibre channel
>> and iSCSI drivers.
>> The driver is publically viewable here:
>> https://java.net/projects/solaris-userland/sources/gate/content/components/openstack/cinder/files/solaris/zfs.py
>> Please note that this driver is based on Havana.  We know it's old and
>> we're working to get it updated to Juno right now.  I can try to work
>> with my team to get a blueprint filed and start working on getting it
>> integrated into trunk.
>> -Drew
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