[openstack-dev] [sahara] Asia friendly IRC meeting time

Zhidong Yu zdyu2000 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 07:37:56 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I'd like to propose a time change to the weekly IRC meeting to make it more
convenient for people from Asia to attend. As you might be aware, we here
at Intel in China have a few people started working on Sahara actively
since Juno release. I also noticed that there are contributions from NTT
Japan as well. So I think an Asia-friendly time could allow us to
participate in the community more efficiently and may potentially attract
more contributors from Asia.

I know it's difficult to find a time good for both US, Europe and Asia. I
suggest we could have two different meeting series with different time,
i.e. US/Europe meeting this week, US/Asia meeting next week, and so on.

Current meeting time:
    18:00UTC: Moscow (9pm)    China(2am)     US West(10am)

My proposal:
    18:00UTC: Moscow (9pm)    China(2am)     US West(10am)
    00:00UTC: Moscow (3am)    China(8am)     US West(4pm)

Thanks, Zhidong
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