[openstack-dev] Doc Bug Triage Day - results

Anne Gentle anne at openstack.org
Fri Nov 21 16:10:21 UTC 2014

Hi all,
Yesterday we held an all-day doc bug triage day, triaging bugs in both
openstack-manuals and openstack-api-site on Launchpad. And some even walked
around in related projects with a docs tag. Stretching our legs.

Here are some positive results:

27 triaged for openstack-api-site (3 have someone assigned already) [1]
5 low-hanging-fruit for openstack-api-site

88 triaged for openstack-manuals  (21 have someone assigned already) [2]
20 low-hanging-fruit for openstack-manuals

One low-hanging-fruit doc bug lasted only a couple of hours before it was
fixed and merged! There are about 12 doc bug fixes in review today.

Since Wed Oct 29 we've gone from 454 bugs to 396 in openstack-manuals. We
now have 115 doc bugs triaged, meaning the fix is explained in the doc bug
itself. Let's go squash those! Thanks to all who participated. Look for
another one scheduled in December.


1. http://bit.ly/api-site-triaged << no one assigned, also
2. http://bit.ly/doc-site-triaged << no one assigned, also
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