[openstack-dev] Process for program without lead

Kevin L. Mitchell kevin.mitchell at rackspace.com
Mon Nov 17 17:40:26 UTC 2014

On Mon, 2014-11-17 at 17:25 +0000, Hayes, Graham wrote:
> Quite often people will come forward in a vacuum - people who thought
> they were not right for the job, or felt that someone else would suit
> the role better can come forward in a by-election. (I only have
> anecdotal evidence for this, but it is first hand, based on other
> voluntary, self organising groups I have been part of, and run elections
> for over the years).
> I would suggest when nominations close with no candidates, they re-open
> immediately for one week, at with point, if there is no candidates I
> goes to the TC.

While I think the point is valid, an alternate process would be for the
election coordinator(s) to point out the lack of candidates and issue a
reminder for the procedure a certain amount of time prior to the end of
the nomination period.  Say, if no candidates have been put forward with
3 days left in the nomination period, then the election coordinator
would send out the appropriate reminder email.  I think this would have
the same effect as the one week re-open period without delaying the
election process.
Kevin L. Mitchell <kevin.mitchell at rackspace.com>

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