[openstack-dev] [Nova] v2 or v3 for new api

Pasquale Porreca pasquale.porreca at dektech.com.au
Mon Nov 17 16:01:57 UTC 2014

Thank you very much Christopher

On 11/17/14 12:15, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
> Yes, sorry documentation has been on our todo list for too long. Could 
> I get you to submit a bug report about the lack of developer 
> documentation for api plugins? It might hurry us up :-)

I reported as a bug and subscribed you to it. 

> In the meantime, off the top of my head..... you'll need to create or 
> modify the following files in a typical plugin:
> setup.cfg - add an entry in at least the nova.api.v3.extensions section
> etc/nova/policy.json - an entry for the permissions for you plugin, 
> perhaps one per api method for maximum flexibility. Also will need a 
> discoverable entry (lots of examples in this file)
> nova/tests/unit/fake_policy.json (similar to policy.json)

I wish I had asked about this before, I found yet these files, but I 
confess it took quite a bit of time to guess I had to modify them (I 
actually didn't modify yet fake_policy, but my tests are still not 
What about nova/nova.egg-info/entry_points.txt I mentioned earlier?

> nova/api/openstack/compute/plugins/v3/<your_plugin.py> - please make 
> the alias name something os-scheduler-hints rather than OS-SCH-HNTS. 
> No skimping on vowels. Probably the easiest way at this stage without 
> more doco is look for for a plugin in that directory that does the 
> sort of the thing you want to do.

Following the path of other plugins, I created a module 
nova/api/openstack/compute/plugins/v3/node_uuid.py, while the class is 
NodeUuid(extensions.V3APIExtensionBase) the alias is os-node-uuid and 
the actual json parameter is node_uuid. I hope this is correct...

> nova/tests/unit/nova/api/openstack/compute/contrib/test_your_plugin.py 
> - we have been combining the v2 and v2.1(v3) unittests to share as 
> much as possible, so please do the same here for new tests as the v3 
> directory will be eventually removed. There's quite a few examples now 
> in that directory of sharing unittests between v2.1 and v2 but with a 
> new extension the customisation between the two should be pretty 
> minimal (just a bit of inheritance to call the right controller)

Very good to know. I put my test in 
nova/tests/unit/api/openstack/plugins/v3 , but I was getting confused by 
the fact only few tests were in this folder while the tests in 
nova/tests/unit/api/openstack/compute/contrib/ covered both v2 and v2.1 
So should I move my test in 
nova/tests/unit/api/openstack/compute/contrib/ folder, right?

> nova/tests/unit/integrated/v3/test_your_plugin.py
> nova/tests/unit/integrated/test_api_samples.py
> Sorry the api samples tests are not unified yet. So you'll need to 
> create two. All of the v2 api sample tests are in one directory, 
> whilst the the v2.1 are separated into different files by plugin.
> There's some rather old documentation on how to generate the api 
> samples themselves (hint: directories aren't made automatically) here:
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/nova-api-samples
> Personally I wouldn't bother with any xml support if you do decide to 
> support v2 as its deprecated anyway.

After reading your answer I understood I have to work more on this part :)

> Hope this helps. Feel free to add me as a reviewer for the api parts 
> of your changesets.

It helps a lot! I will add you for sure as soon as I will upload my 
code. For now the specification has still to be approved, so I think I 
have to wait before to upload it, is that correct?

This is the blueprint link anyway: 

> Regards,
> Chris

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