[openstack-dev] [Horizon] Separate horizon and openstack_dashboard

Yves-Gwenaël Bourhis yves-gwenael.bourhis at cloudwatt.com
Mon Nov 17 13:43:23 UTC 2014

Le 17/11/2014 14:19, Matthias Runge a écrit :

> There is already horizon on pypi[1]
> IMHO this will lead only to more confusion.
> Matthias
> [1] https://pypi.python.org/pypi/horizon/2012.2

Well the current "horizon" on Pypi is "The OpenStack Dashboard" +
horizon(_lib) included

If the future "horizon" on pypi is "openstack_dashboard" alone, it would
still pull "horizon_lib" as a dependency, so it would not brake the

So indeed the "horizon" package itself in Pypi would not have
horizon(_lib) in it anymore, but he "pip install horizon" would pull
everything due to the dependency horizon will have with horizon_lib.

I find this the least confusing issue and the "horizon" package on Pypi
would still be seen as "The OpenStack Dashboard" like it is now. We
would only add an "horizon_lib" package on Pypi.
Therefore existing third-party "requirements.txt" would not brake
because they would pull horizon_lib with horizon. and they would still
import the proper module. Every backwards compatibility (requirements
and module) is therefore preserved.

Yves-Gwenaël Bourhis

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