[openstack-dev] [oslo.messaging] ZeroMQ driver maintenance next steps

Denis Makogon dmakogon at mirantis.com
Mon Nov 17 13:43:03 UTC 2014

Good day, Stackers.

During Paris Design summit oslo.messaging session was raised good question
about maintaining ZeroMQ driver in upstream (see section “dropping ZeroMQ
support in oslo.messaging” at [1]) . As we all know, good thoughts are
comming always after. I’d like to propose several improvements in process
of maintaining and developing of ZeroMQ driver in upstream.

Contribution focus. As we all see, that there are enough patches that are
trying to address certain problems related to ZeroMQ driver.

Few of them trying to add functional tests, which is definitely good, but …
there’s always ‘but’, they are not “gate”-able.

My proposal for this topic is to change contribution focus from
oslo.messaging by itself to OpenStack/Infra project and DevStack
(subsequently to devstack-gate too).

I guess there would be questions “why?”.  I think the answer is pretty
obvious: we have driver that is not being tested at all within DevStack and
project integration.

Also i’d say that such focus re-orientation would be very useful as source
of use cases and bugs eventually. Here’s a list of what we, as team, should
do first:


      Ensure that DevStack can successfully:

         Install ZeroMQ.

         Configure  each project to work with zmq driver from

      Ensure that we can run successfully simple test plan for each project
      (like boot VM, fill object store container, spin up volume, etc.).

ZeroMQ driver maintainers community organization. During design session was
raised question about who uses zmq driver in production.

I’ve seen folks from Canonical and few other companies. So, here’s my
proposals around improving process of maintaining of given driver:


      With respect to best practices of driver maintaining procedure, we
      might need to set up community sub-group. What would it give to us and to
      the project subsequently? It’s not pretty obvious, at least for now, but
      i’d try to light out couple moments:

         continuous driver stability

         continuous community support (across all OpenStack Project that
         are using same model: driver should have maintaining team,
would it be a
         company or community sub-group)

      As sub-group we would need to have our own weekly meeting. Separate
      meeting would keep us, as sub-group, pretty focused on zmq
driver only (but
      it doesn’t mean that we should not participate in regular meetings). Same
      question. What it would give us and to the project? I’d say that the only
      one valid answer is: we’d not disturb other folk that are not actually
      interested in given topic and in zqm drive too.

    So, in the end, taking into account words above i’d like to get
feedback from all folks. I’m pretty open for discussion, and if needed i
can commit myself for driving such activities in oslo.messaging.

[1] https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/kilo-oslo-oslo.messaging

Kind regards,

Denis M.
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