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Rochelle Grober rochelle.grober at huawei.com
Fri Nov 14 20:04:33 UTC 2014

Thank you Stefano (and Shari and Katherine)!

I think this will help.  Is there a way to add new categories?  I expect that as people start using this, more categories will be requested.

And, is there a wiki page where this info is hosted?


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Hello folks

in the past months Shari and I have implemented more chunks of the
taxonomy developed for us by Katherine Cranford (a volunteer expert).
Using categories in the wiki pages can help us create dynamic pages and
keep information more visible, well organized and discoverable.

For example, we had a page listing all Teams. When someone needed to
create a new Team, someone would have to: 1) create a new page for the
team, save, 2) go to the Teams page, edit page adding a link to the new
page, save. Today instead the process looks like this:

 - Create a new page for the new team
 - Add the text [[Category: Teams]] to the rest of the text
 - save

Done. The new page will be automatically shown on

Category pages are just like any other wiki page: they can have text,
images, can be edited, translated etc. And they automatically show the
pages contained in their category. As an example, see how the dynamic
page for Programs


and the 'static' version look like:


I would apply to Programs the same redirect I created for Teams (unless
someone stops me).

Pages generated automatically this way are a huge improvement to
navigation inside the wiki and I suggest you all to get familiar with
the list of Categories shown in a nice tree on:


and read the Taxonomy section in:


As this is a wiki, your help is needed: think about adding pages you
manage to an existing category and when possible consider moving
'static' pages to the newly created dynamic pages.


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