[openstack-dev] opnfv proposal on DR capability enhancement on OpenStack Nova

A, Keshava keshava.a at hp.com
Thu Nov 13 17:52:03 UTC 2014

Zhipeng Huang,
When multiple  Datacenters are interconnected over WAN/Internet if the remote the Datacenter goes down, expect the 'native VM status' to get changed accordingly ?
Is this the requirement ? This requirement is  from NFV Service VM (like routing VM ? )
Then is not it is  NFV routing (BGP/IGP) /MPLS signaling (LDP/RSVP) protocol to handle  ? Does the OpenStack needs to handle that ?

Please correct me if my understanding on this problem  is not correct.

Thanks & regards,

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> Hi Team,
> I knew we didn't propose this in the design summit and it is kinda 
> rude in this way to jam a topic into the schedule. We were really 
> stretched thin during the summit and didn't make it to the Nova 
> discussion. Full apologies here :)
> What we want to discuss here is that we proposed a project in opnfv ( 
> https://wiki.opnfv.org/collaborative_development_projects/rescuer), 
> which in fact is to enhance inter-DC DR capabilities in Nova. We hope 
> we could achieve this in the K cycle, since there is no "HUGE" changes 
> required to be done in Nova. We just propose to add certain DR status 
> in Nova so operators could see what DR state the OpenStack is 
> currently in, therefore when disaster occurs they won't cut off the wrong stuff.
> Sorry again if we kinda barge in here, and we sincerely hope the Nova 
> community could take a look at our proposal. Feel free to contact me 
> if anyone got any questions :)
> --
> Zhipeng Huang

Hi Zhipeng,

I would just like to echo the comments from the opnfv-tech-discuss list (which I notice is still private?) in saying that there is very little detail on the wiki page describing what you actually intend to do. Given this, it's very hard to provide any meaningful feedback. A lot more detail is required, particularly if you intend to propose a specification based on this idea.



[1] https://wiki.opnfv.org/collaborative_development_projects/rescuer

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