[openstack-dev] [Horizon] the future of angularjs development in Horizon

Radomir Dopieralski openstack at sheep.art.pl
Thu Nov 13 12:48:35 UTC 2014

On 13/11/14 08:23, Matthias Runge wrote:


> Since we don't require node.js on the server (yet), but only for
> the development process: did anyone look at node's competitors? Like
> CommonJS, Rhino, or SpiderMonkey?

When we were struggling with adding jslint to our CI, we did try a
number of different alternatives to node.js, like Rhino, SpiderMonkey,
V8, phantomjs, etc.

The conclusion was that even tools that advertised themselves as working
on Rhino dropped their support for it several years ago, and just didn't
update the documentation. Node seems to be the only thing that works
without having to modify the code of those tools.

Of course things might have changed since, or we may have someone with
better JavaScript hacking skills who would manage to make it work. But
last year we failed.

Radomir Dopieralski

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