[openstack-dev] [Doc] Bug Triage Day - Nov. 20

Anne Gentle anne at openstack.org
Thu Nov 13 12:45:12 UTC 2014

Hi all,
To follow in the footsteps of the inimitable Infra team, we want to start
monthly bug triaging days. Thursdays seem to be good days for our Aussie
counterparts and follow the milestone pattern. So I'd like to propose our
first for Nov 20.

The idea is not to fix bugs, but triage them for many people to pick up
easily, even as a first contribution. In the comments, let people know
which file needs updated and even suggest wording.

To triage a doc bug in openstack-manuals[1] or openstack-api-site [2],
follow the docs in our HowTo page [3].

Here are some definitions for Status and Importance so you can triage
incoming doc bugs.


New - Recently logged by a non-triaging person
Incomplete - Needs additional information before it can be triaged
Opinion - (not sure what to do with this one)
Invalid - Not an issue for docs
Won't Fix - Doc fixes won't fix the issue
Confirmed - Acknowledged that it's a doc bug
Triaged - Comments in the bug indicate its scope and amount of work to be
In Progress - Someone is working on it
Fix Committed - A fix is in the repository; Gerrit sets this automatically.
Don't set this manually.
Fix Released - A fix is published to the site.


Critical - data will be lost if this bug stays in; or it's so bad that
we're better off fixing it than dealing with all the incoming questions
about it. Also items on the website itself that prevent access are Critical
doc bugs.
High - Definitely need docs about this or a fix to current docs; docs are
incomplete without this. Work on these first if possible.
Medium - Need docs about this within a six-month release timeframe.
Low - Docs are fine without this but could be enhanced by fixing this bug.
Wishlist - Would like this doc task done "some day" Would prefer to use
this for "tasks" instead of "bugs" - mark a bug as low rather than putting
it on the wishlist. When something is wrong with the doc, mark it as Low
rather than Wishlist.
Undecided - Recently logged by a non-triaging person or requires more
research before deciding its importance.

Let's set a targeted number of triaged bugs at 30 as our goal. (Up to 60
would be amazing.)

I'll mark the day on the OpenStack calendar once we agree Thursday is good.

1. http://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-manuals
2. http://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-api-site
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