[openstack-dev] [Fuel] NTP settings.

Stanislaw Bogatkin sbogatkin at mirantis.com
Wed Nov 12 15:06:23 UTC 2014

Hi all,
Today we have a next workflow about NTP in Fuel:

1. When someone deploy a master node, we need to somehow operate with NTP
and set upstream NTP servers to Fuel NTP daemon on master node.
2. NTP will enabled by default and set to default upstream values (from
ntp.org pool).
3. If user will enter to fuelmenu then then he can change that values and
it will stored as new ones.

That can lead to some errors at deploy, some as:
1. User set upstream NTP (or use defaults).
2. By some reasons that NTP servers get unreacheable (i.e. network down).
3. User creates environment and push 'deploy' button.
4. In the middle of deploy process upstream NTP become reacheable and
master node sync with them.
If time on master node before that sync will have big shift regarding to
real time, then we will have 2 problems:
1. Deploy can fail, cause slave nodes will sync with master one time only -
right after provisioning and if master node resync with upstream in the
middle of deploy - some services can stop works (e.g. mcollective).
3. It will be more complicate to understand logs, cause it will shifted too.

As I see, we have two ways to solve this:
1. Check upstream NTP reachability and disable upstream servers if they
unreachable at fuelmenu step. It will cost us some shift with real time in
the end.


2. Disable NTP upstream servers if they unreachable right after user press
'deploy' button and enable them after deploy is over.
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