[openstack-dev] [Horizon] the future of angularjs development in Horizon

Matthias Runge mrunge at redhat.com
Wed Nov 12 08:28:55 UTC 2014

On 11/11/14 08:02, Richard Jones wrote:

> There were some discussions around tooling. We're using xstatic to
> manage 3rd party components, but there's a lot missing from that
> environment. I hesitate to add supporting xstatic components on to the
> already large pile of work we have to do, so would recommend we switch
> to managing those components with bower instead. For reference the list
> of 3rd party components I used in angboard* (which is really only a
> teensy fraction of the total application we'd end up with, so this
> components list is probably reduced):
>     json3
>     es5-shim
>     angular
>     angular-route
>     angular-cookies
>     angular-animate
>     angular-sanitize
>     angular-smart-table
>     angular-local-storage
>     angular-bootstrap
>     angular-translate
>     font-awesome
>     boot
>     underscore
>     ng-websocket
> Just looking at PyPI, it looks like only a few of those are in xstatic,
> and those are out of date.


thank you for writing this up!

bower is (not yet) available e.g in Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu.

I'm quite a bit skeptical why the need for 3 additional package managers
(npm, grunt, bower) for simply installing javascript files.

Looking at es5-shim, it pulls in additional 28 dependent packages, json3
has 12 dependencies (including a circular dependency, one circular
depencency in dependencies),

Not counting dependencies in dependent packages, I can only suspect,
this will bring us at least 100 new packages required.

Once this is finalized, we'll need people to walk through all deps and
put packages up for review, to have those available when kilo is ready.


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