[openstack-dev] [Nova] questions on object/db usage

Daniele Casini daniele.casini at dektech.com.au
Wed Nov 5 11:10:25 UTC 2014

Hi All:

I replaced all*/db.instance_get_all_by_host()/*in nova and tested it 
using *tox*.
Might it be useful? If so, Which is the better way to propose it to 
OpenStack community?

Best regards,


On 10/23/2014 09:01 PM, Dan Smith wrote:
>>             When I fix some bugs, I found that some code in
>> nova/compute/api.py
>>            sometimes we use db ,sometimes we use objects.... do we have
>> any criteria for it? I knew we can't access db in compute layer code,
>> how about others ? prefer object or db direct access? thanks
> Prefer objects, and any remaining db.* usage anywhere (other than the
> object code itself) is not only a candidate for cleanup, it's much
> appreciated :)
> --Dan
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