[openstack-dev] [nova][compute] propose to use a table to deal with the vm_state when _init_instance in compute

Chen CH Ji jichenjc at cn.ibm.com
Tue Nov 4 07:19:46 UTC 2014


a good idea, it will make it more clear.
from implementation perspective we need to pay attention that some status
will pass through and some will just return

Best Regards!

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From:	Eli Qiao <taget at linux.vnet.ibm.com>
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Date:	11/04/2014 03:13 PM
Subject:	[openstack-dev] [nova][compute] propose to use a table to deal
            with the vm_state when _init_instance in compute

hello all:
in current _init_instance function in compute manager,
there's flood 'and' 'or' logic, to check the vm_state and task_state when
initialize a instance during service list,
this lead hard to read and hard to maintain, so I propose a new way to
handle this.

we can create a vm_state_table, by look up the table  we can find the
action we need to do for the instance,
from this table , you can clearly see what vm_state and task_state should
take the action.

for example:
{vm_states list :{task_states list: action}},

each entry stands for an action,
and we walk though the tuple
so the table should be like this:

vm_state_table = (
    {vm_states.SOFT_DELETE :{'ALL': ACTION_NONE}},
    {vm_states.ERROR:  {('NOT_IN',[task_states.RESIZE_MIGRATING,

task_states.DELETING]): ACTION_NONE}},
    {vm_states.DELETED: {'ALL': _complete_partial_deletion}},
    {vm_states.BUILDING: {'ALL': ACTION_ERROR}},
    {'ALL': {('IN',[task_states.SCHEDULING,
                        task_states.SPAWNING)]: ACTION_ERROR}},
    {('IN',[vm_states.ACTIVE, vm_states.STOPPED]: {('IN',
    {('NOT_IN',[vm_states.ERROR]): {('IN',



task_states.IMAGE_SNAPSHOT]): _post_interrupted_snapshot_cleanup}}

what do you think, do we need a bp for this?

Eli (Li Yong) Qiao_______________________________________________
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