[openstack-dev] Devstack with libvirt and xenlight

Clark Laughlin clark.laughlin at linaro.org
Mon Nov 3 18:27:21 UTC 2014


I am working with Openstack on ARMv8 and would like to test Devstack using
libvirt with Xen (xenlight).  I am looking for information on how to
correctly configure Devstack for this.

I have used Devstack with libvirt (and KVM) on ARMv8 recently and it works
for the most part (with a few issues that we knew about).

Currently, I have build libvirt (using --with-libxl) and have manually
tested various operations with it (using virsh -c xen:///) and they are all
working so far.

I have already been told by Xen maintainers that using XenAPI on ARMv8 is
not going to be an option yet, and that I need to proceed with libvirt +
xenlight for now.

Any pointers to how to setup Devstack correctly would be appreciated.

Thank you,
Clark L
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