[openstack-dev] [NFV] Mission statement prosal

Chris Wright chrisw at sous-sol.org
Mon May 19 19:44:46 UTC 2014

Hi Nick,

* Nicolas Barcet (nicolas at barcet.com) wrote:
> As promised during the second BoF session (thanks a lot to Chris Wright for
> leading this), here is a first try at defining the purpose of our special
> interest group.

Thank you for doing this.

> ---
> Mission statement for the OpenStack NFV Special Interest Group:
> The SIG aims to define and prioritize the use cases which are required to
> run Network Function Virtualization (NFV) instances on top of OpenStack.
> The requirements are to be passed on to various projects within OpenStack
> to promote their implementation.

Russell started calling it a sub-team...sub-team, SIG, working group...I
kind of prefer SIG, but don't have a real strong preference other than
consistency ;)  I know Nova and Neutron, at least, use sub-team to
describe focus area w/in those projects.

Another important focus beyond prioritization and promotion is doing
the actual development work.  Perhaps:

  This SIG aims to define and prioritize use cases required to make
  OpenStack a viable Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) platform.
  This work includes identifying functional gaps, creating blueprints,
  submitting and reviewing patches to the relevant OpenStack projects
  and tracking their completion in support of NFV.

> The requirements expressed by this group should be made so that each of
> them have a test case which can be verified using a an OpenSource
> implementation. This is to ensure that tests can be done without any
> special hardware or proprietary software, which is key for continuous
> integration tests in the OpenStack gate.

minor typo s/a an/an/

And, while I completely agree with the sentiment (and most likley your
intention as well)...we do have things like plugins in Neutron that talk
to proprietary sw/hw (and therefore tested externally).  Want to make
sure the wording doesn't mess with that.


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