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Mark McClain mmcclain at yahoo-inc.com
Mon Mar 31 20:15:25 UTC 2014


I writing to announce my candidacy for the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) PTL.

I am the current Neutron PTL and would like to continue leading our team during the Juno cycle.  As PTL, I have worked to promote a vibrant open ecosystem of deployers, integrators and vendors within Neutron.  Our openness is exemplified by the new drivers/plugins, new contributors, and diversity of sub team leadership in Icehouse.

I have been a contributor to Neutron since Essex and a core team member since Folsom.  I have been developing software with Python professionally for 14 years and currently work for Yahoo!, a deployer of OpenStack.  Within the Neutron code base, I have worked extensively on DHCP, IP library, network namespaces, metadata services, database migrations, and LBaaS reference implementation.  I frequently present Neutron at local and regional OpenStack events to build community by engaging new developers, deployers, and integrators.

I am the top reviewer during the Icehouse cycle:

I am the top reviewer since the inception of Neutron:

As the technical lead during Icehouse, I kicked off the initiative to improve testing within Neutron.  This initiative included the creation of the mid-cycle sprint that brought the QA and Neutron teams together.  The successful sprint  produced a more stable Neutron core, more API test coverage, the soon-to-be enabled full Tempest and Grenade jobs and a more connected community.  Additionally, I promoted the policy of improve 3rd party testing of plugin/driver code from vendors [1].  This initiative has resulted in a more thoroughly tested and stable driver/plugin codebase for operators to deploy.

My vision for Juno is that our team continue to build upon the open environment that enables all vendors, deployers and integrators the opportunity to contribute to the development of Neutron.  During the cycle, I believe our team should focus on a few core initiatives:

* Nova Parity
We committed to delivering Nova Parity when Neutron was accepted as an Integrated project.  By delivering Distributed Virtual Routing, Nova-Network to Neutron migration, testing and documentation we will be following through on our commitment to the greater OpenStack community.

* Advanced Services
The team should implement a multi-vendor ‘flavor' API that provides tenants an easy to use API, deployers a choice and vendors an opportunity to innovate.  This API should complement the existing APIs our teams have created over the last two cycles.  Additionally, we should add secure APIs and agent code to support SSL termination for LBaaS and SSL VPNs.

* Process Improvements
Our team has grown, but our processes for submitting and reviewing blueprints has largely stayed the same which has made the review process uneven. As the Icehouse cycle has wound down, I have been working to put new infrastructure in place to improve the blueprint process for Juno[2].  The new process should ensure a more consistent experience for all contributors in Juno.  In addition to refining the blueprint process, our sub team structure should be revised to improve communication, remove blockers, and facilitate more efficient reviews.

* Internal API and REST API Improvements
We have several exciting new features in development for Neutron, but at times our internal APIs have inhibited efficient implementation of these features.  During the Juno cycle, we should begin the process of revising our internal interfaces to enable easier IPv6, migration to Python 3 and development of plugins/drivers and services,

* Group Policy
There is significant community interest in adding policy support to Neutron.  During Juno, we should work on implementing the first iteration of the policy API extension.  This extensions will be aided by the work to improve the internal API.

* Testing
The team made significant testing gains during Icehouse.  We should build on that work during Juno and collaborate with the QA team to further refine and improve our testing through additional scenarios, varied migration configurations and functional tests.

* Documentation
Good documentation is a requirement for both deployers and developers we have made improvements to both Icehouse.  For Juno, I’d like to continue this work as it is essential for parity.

* Growing our plugin and driver community

See something missing from this list?  As PTL, I’m excited to work with our community to refine this list for Juno.

Other OpenStack Contributions
* Co-organizer of the Atlanta OpenStack Meetup
* Member of the Technical Committee since the Havana cycle
* Stable Core Team Member
* Requirements Core Team Member


[1] http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack-dev/2013-November/019219.html
[2] https://review.openstack.org/#/c/82512/

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