[openstack-dev] FreeBSD/bhyve support for nova with libvirt

Roman Bogorodskiy rbogorodskiy at mirantis.com
Mon Mar 31 17:19:41 UTC 2014

  Michał Dubiel wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have prepared commits I would like to have it reviewed and eventually
> merged that add initial, limited support for FreeBSD as a host to nova. It
> includes basic networking via freebsd_net driver (similar to the linux_net)
> and few addons to libvirt compute driver in order to support the bhyve
> hypervisor. Intent for those commits is let other play with openstack on
> FreeBSD and to provide a code base for further development, as the current
> version comes with many limitations like:
> - Only FreeBSD guest OSes can be used
> - No support for the config drive
> - Only one disk and one Ethernet interface
> - No pause/resume functionality
> - No VM migration support
> - No files injection to VMs filesystem
> - Only works with bridged networking using nova-network with Flat/FlatDHCP
> multi-host mode
> Unit test are included, however, for all that to work on a real system you
> have to use a slightly patched version of libvirt as not all features has
> been merged to the official repository yet. My question is if that is
> applicable to be merged at all, or should I wait for all necessary stuff to
> be in libvirt official repository at first? I want also mention that there
> is an active work underway in libvirt community to have all them
> implemented and included in the libvirt code.

Hi Michal,

I'd say it would be good to revive the old blueprint about bhyve
support and push the patches. Also, probably freebsd_net itself
deserve a blueprint on its own. And I guess it could be tested
independently of bhyve driver because as you might now qemu driver is
also supported on FreeBSD.

As for the bhyve, I think it's ok to push it now and mark it WIP for
example. I'd think it's not a small piece of code and will take some
time to review anyway.

But I think it cannot be merged until libvirt supports all the required
features (otherwise it'd be troublesome to setup gate jobs for bhyve for
I think).

As for the modifications to libvirt, unfortunately, they'll not get it
into the upcoming 1.2.3 as the freeze started already.

Roman Bogorodskiy
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