[openstack-dev] [Neutron] PTL Candidacy

Kyle Mestery mestery at noironetworks.com
Mon Mar 31 17:04:26 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

I have decided to run for the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) PTL position.

Why I Want To Be Neutron PTL
I want to be Neutron PTL because I wish to continue pushing Neutron forward
and help it evolve, and have the skills necessary to do it. I've worked in Open
Source for many years, having contributed to projects such as Open vSwitch,
libvirt, and OpenDaylight, as well as OpenStack Neutron. Neutron has a great
team of developers, both core and non-core contributors. Being able to help
them all work productively together and push Neutron forward is something I
not only want to do, but something I think I can be very effective at.

I have been a core developer since the beginning of the Havana cycle. My
main focus in Neutron has been around the Modular Layer 2 (ML2) sub-team,
which I've co-lead for the last year. I wrote the OpenDaylight ML2
driver, as well
as the devstack integration and Jenkins setup for OpenDaylight. I have also
been leading a sub-team focused on Group Based Policy since the Icehouse
Summit. As on Open vSwitch developer, my focus has been on improving
Neutron's use of OVS, and enhancing OVS for use by Neutron. I founded the
Minnesota OpenStack Meetup in November of 2012, hosting numerous speakers
from the OpenStack community to an audience in the upper Midwest. I've
presented at the last few OpenStack Summits on Open Source SDN topics, as
well as giving presentations on OpenStack at other Open Source conferences. I
recently co-hosted the first Open vSwitch Hackathon, which allowed core OVS
developers to interact with not only each other but also developers from
OpenStack Neutron and OpenDaylight.

Icehouse Accomplishments
This past cycle, my main focus was continuing to expand the ML2 sub-team and
assist plugin developers who were porting their existing core plugins
into ML2 or
writing brand new ML2 drivers. I also formed and lead the Group Based Policy
sub-team, which is now marching towards a Proof of Concept for the Juno Summit
 In addition, I've spent time with the OpenDaylight project to ensure that
OpenDaylight integrates with OpenStack Neutron as an ML2 driver.

Looking forward to Juno
If I am elected PTL, I'd like to focus on a few areas for Neutron. One immediate
area of improvement I'd like to do is around the blueprint process. I've been
watching what Russell and the Nova team have been doing with setting up the
Nova BP process to use gerrit, and I'd like to move Neutron in this
direction as well.
Formalizing this process a bit more will lead to less surprises for BP
drafters, and
will also ensure core reviewers know what they are signing up for as
people propose
features. I'd also like to work to expand our core reviewer team in
the Juno cycle. As
the project has grown, the existing core reviewers could use some assistance by
working to expand the team and spread the review load. Along these
lines, I'd also
like to empower the sub-teams in Neutron. The project has grown to a point where
empowering the various sub-teams to allow more effective decision
making would be
a good thing. I'd like to continue the focus on ensuring Neutron is a
good citizen in
the community by ensuring we squash bugs related to the gate. And
finally, I want to
work to ensure we have a scalable, production quality Open Source
Neutron reference
implementation in the Juno timeframe.

In closing
OpenStack Neutron has taken a big step forward in the Icehouse cycle
with regards to
stability and testing. Ensuring we continue to enhance the development
process will
allow us to continue making strides in this area and allow Neutron to
continue evolving
in a positive direction.

Thank you,

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